Returns and shipments

For orders over €70 shipping is free, if less the delivery cost is €6.90.

Shipping to ITALY will be processed within 5 working days, excluding Islands and Calabria for which it takes about 7 working days.

You will receive an email from the courier as soon as he is entrusted with the shipment, then you can check the status of your shipment.

For contracts concluded with Consumers through the e-commerce platform of the website the possibility for Users to exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in Articles 52 et seq. is excluded. For details, please refer to the “General Terms and Conditions of Sale” under “9. Exclusion of the right of withdrawal in favor of Consumers.”

For any information you can email us at info@myrea.it5

General terms and conditions of sale

1. Background

These General Terms and Conditions govern the commercial relations, arising by virtue of telematic negotiation, between the company BruPi Srl and the users of the website

In compliance with the national regulations, general and special, in force on the subject, these conditions govern the offer and sale of food products marketed and distributed by the Company BruPi Ltd. by means of user confirmation within the e-commerce platform accessible at the URL:

This site operates with two sales channels: B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer).

Ownership and management of the Site, as well as ownership of the rights to the domain name are owned by the company BruPi Srl

For anything not covered by these general terms and conditions, please refer to the regulations contained in the Civil Code and special laws and the information published on the Site:

1) privacy policy;

2) cookies Policy;

3) other communications posted on the Site and/or sent by BruPi Srl.

2. Scope of application

The General Terms and Conditions may undergo changes and additions from time to time, for this reason Users are encouraged to regularly access the Site and check those in force.

The general conditions applied to the concluded contract are those in effect at the time of receipt of the Purchase Order.

The General Terms and Conditions do not govern the sale of products and/or the provision of services other than Products that may be indicated on the Site by links, banners, or other hyperlinks.

3. User Obligations

By accepting the General Terms and Conditions and concluding the Contract, which is done in the manner indicated set forth in Section 5), the User declares that he/she has carefully read and accepted the contents of the indicated documents.

The User, by accepting the General Conditions and concluding the Contract, also agrees to:

(i) to comply with the warnings and these Terms and Conditions, as well as to consult and retain them before sending the Order;

(ii) use the Site only to browse the Products, to submit Orders and/or inquiries regarding the Products, to enter into Business Transactions;

(iii) enter true and correct data in the course of the Registration procedure on the Site and in any further, eventual communications sent to BruPi Srl

(iv) promptly update the data and information provided, either directly in the restricted area of the Site or by communication to be sent to BruPi Srl a socio unico at the e-mail address:;

(v) Do not enter third party and/or false and/or fictitious data;

(vi) hold BruPi Srl harmless from any liability arising from the issuance of erroneous tax documents due to errors attributable solely to the User and relating to the Data provided by the User, who is therefore solely responsible for the input.

(vii) subject to compliance with the provisions on the protection of industrial and intellectual property of BruPi Srl, the User agrees to use the images on the Site for exclusively personal purposes, functional to the purchase of the Product, being prohibited the reproduction, publication and dissemination of the same for commercial purposes, subject to any and specific written agreement with BruPi Srl.

4. Site Registration and Use of Identification Codes.

Users will be able to register by creating a personal account on the Site. To complete the Registration process you are required to complete the relevant form, entering the Data provided therein.

Said Data is processed BruPi Srl in accordance with the Privacy Policy available on the Site at the link:

The User is solely and exclusively responsible for the correctness and truthfulness of the Data provided during Registration with the Site and agrees to keep said Data updated in the manner provided by the Site.

Furthermore, the User will always be liable for the activity carried out through the use of the Identification Codes attributable to him/her.

BruPi Srl, therefore, may legitimately consider the User to be bound by all manifestations of will and/or consent expressed by means of the identification codes traceable to them.

Therefore, because of this, the User agrees to take all necessary precautions to ensure the secrecy and proper use of the Identification Codes, the use of which must be exclusively personal.

In the event of suspected misuse, misuse and/or disclosure to third parties of the Identification Codes, the User must promptly notify BruPi Srl at the following email address:

5. Procedure for purchasing and completion of Orders

All contracts are concluded exclusively by the Customer accessing the Site with his or her identification codes, employing remote communication technology through the Internet.

The purchase of what is requested will be completed through the following steps:

To initiate the procedure for the conclusion of the Contract on the Site, the User, having consulted the characteristics of the product, selected and placed the Products in the “shopping cart”, will be able to check the summary of the Order and, once chosen the method of payment, send the Order to BruPi Srl electronically, following the instructions indicated from time to time on the Site, also in the form of a simple icon to click, and that will accompany the different steps, summarized below.

The User may place an Order in the following ways:

(i) consultation of Product features as described on the relevant page of the site;

(ii) selection of the individual Product and the quantity to be purchased;

(iii) possible continuation of the purchase session with further inclusion of Products in the cart, by means of the Add to Cart button;

(iv) completion of the selection of Products and initiation of the procedure to complete the purchase, by means of the Go to Cart button and the subsequent Proceed to Purchase;

(v) prior to completing the Order, the User is invited to enter their Reference Data, following, alternatively, one of the following options:

– Access to their restricted area if the User is already registered,

– User registration by filling out the form with the creation of the master data,

– creation of the master data necessary to complete the Order, including the Data for invoicing and shipping the supply;

(vi) created the master data, the User can complete the purchase process by clicking the Order Confirmation button;

(vii) verification of the summary of the Order, including Shipping Charges;

(viii) telematic confirmation of the Order in accordance with the instructions and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions;

(ix) payment of the Price (in addition to the Charges specified in the Order Summary), following the instructions and operations provided. Failure to accept the Terms and Conditions will result in the inability to complete and submit the Order;

(x) receipt of email confirming receipt of the Transaction, with summary of the Order and other useful information.

Before completing the submission of the Order, the User is encouraged to verify its correctness by correcting any errors.

By confirming your order, you represent that you are of legal age and possess the legal capacity necessary to enter into a contract having the force of law between the Parties and that the information you provide when placing your order is current, accurate, and sufficient to process your order.

The Order is stored in BruPi Srl’s database for the time necessary for processing and, in any case, within the terms of the law. Users can only access their Order if they are registered.

6. Payments

Payment should be made in the following ways:

– Bank Transfer

– Credit/prepaid cards

The Company reserves the right to verify the regularity of advance payments made by credit card.

In any case in which payment of any amount due from the User is not made, the Company reserves the right to proceed against the defaulting User to obtain payment of product prices at any time.

All responsibility in relation to the correct charging of payments arranged through the systems optioned on the Site and the processing of the related data (credit card) is solely attributable to the Financial Intermediaries and/or institutions issuing or otherwise managing the service.

7. Conclusion and effectiveness of the Contract, rejection and execution

The receipt of the Order by BruPi Srl and the conclusion of the Contract is communicated by email to the User at the email address provided at the time of purchase. The confirmation message contains an indication of the details of the Order, the Price, the Charges of the purchased Products and the means of payment chosen by the User.

BruPi Srl reserves the right to reject Orders – returning any amounts paid by Users – in such cases:

– from individuals who have violated provisions of the law, the General Terms and Conditions, Warnings and other instructions published on the Site;

– that are abnormal in relation to the quantity of the Products purchased or the frequency of their purchase;

– that are, in an obvious manner, caused, affected and/or flawed by an error and/or any technical-informatics bug of the e-commerce platform, the Site and any other computer system that directly and/or indirectly interacts with the Site and the e-commerce platform used by BruPi Srl

BruPi Srl will execute the Contract only upon full receipt of the Price and Charges as set forth in the “final order summary”, informing the User of the shipment directly or by means of its appointed courier.

Once the order has been completed and payment has been made, the User has no right to change the Order.

8. Availability of Products. Shipping and delivery

The User will be able to purchase the Products consulted on the Site, within the limits of the existing quantity in stock. The Product database is constantly updated by the company BruPi Srl.

In the event that the purchased Product is no longer in stock, BruPi Srl undertakes to send equivalent replacement Products and/or to communicate the changed delivery times.

BruPi Srl fulfills its obligations with the Delivery of the Contracted Supply to the courier company it uses.

Without prejudice to the rights in favor of Consumers, the Parties agree to attribute to the Delivery terms indicated on the Site not essential for the completion of the Contract, having to be considered merely indicative.

No liability can be attributed to BruPi Srl for delayed or non-delivery attributable to force majeure or fortuitous event.

Should Delivery to the address indicated by the User fail due to the User’s unavailability, unjustified refusal to collect the Products, as well as any other cause attributable to the User, BruPi Srl reserves the right to charge the User for the costs incurred including the cost of return.

9. Exclusion of the right of withdrawal in favor of Consumers

For contracts concluded with Consumers through the e-commerce platform of, the possibility for Users to exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in Articles 52 et seq. is excluded for the reasons set out below.

The Consumer Code, in Articles 52 et seq. allows the Consumer to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract, without specifying the reason, within a period of fourteen days starting from the date of receipt of the Products.

However, the exercise of the aforementioned right should be excluded in relation to the following assumptions set forth in the letter (d) and (e) of Article 59 of the aforementioned Consumer Code:

(d) the supply of goods that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly;

(e) the supply of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for hygienic or health protection-related reasons and have been opened after delivery, which recurs, in the case of the Site, for all Products offered for sale.

Therefore, the aforementioned exercise is excluded in order to avoid the occurrence of events related to alteration, damage, handling, improper storage or otherwise not in accordance with the characteristics of the Products, which could constitute, even indirectly, risk and/or threat to health and food safety.

10. Product representations

All product descriptions, illustrations, depictions, details, dimensions, performance data, and any other information available on the site are to be understood as general illustrations of the products and do not in any way represent a warranty or declaration that the products conform to them.

11. Guarantees

BruPi Srl asks the Customer to scrupulously check the condition of the Product upon receipt and in any case before any marketing to the public. Any claims regarding flaws and/or defects in the Products must be submitted to via e-mail to with attached pictures of the Product evidencing the alleged flaw and/or defect, strictly within eight (8) days of delivery, under penalty of forfeiture.

For the return of Products that the Consumer judges to be flawed and/or defective and/or non-conforming, BruPi Srl reserves the right to request the submission of photographs with attached images of the Product for which the warranty under the Consumer Code is requested, attesting, if possible, the reason for availing of the warranty. In case of acceptance of the Consumer’s dispute, BruPi Srl will send a communication with any return authorization and instructions for the return at its own expense. In any case, the Consumer, before returning the Product is invited to wait for instructions or any proposals from BruPi Srl. If the above conditions are not met, the warranty will not apply or otherwise may not operate in whole or in part.

12. Complaints

Any complaints should be forwarded to the email address, or by registered mail with return receipt to the following address: BruPi Via Berlino, 91 47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna ( RN ). BruPi Ltd. sole proprietorship is committed to responding to all inquiries received within 7 business days.

13. Applicable law

All Contracts concluded online on the site are understood to be concluded in the Italian territory and are exclusively governed by Italian law.

14. Jurisdiction

If the customer is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Code, the court of his or her municipality of residence or domicile will have exclusive jurisdiction; in all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively that of the Rimini Court, any other jurisdiction excluded.