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BASE FOR PIZZA with low fodmaps*.

Packaged in 120g protective atmosphere

*FODMAPs are monosaccharides, disaccharides, polyols and oligosaccharides fermentable by intestinal bacteria


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Ingredients: spelt spelt flour*, water, soybean vegetable drink*, extra virgin olive oil*, peanut oil, hemp seed flour 3%, sweet Cervia salt*, ferment©.

*Italian product

May contain mustard, lupine, milk (allergenic protein).

Product in protective atmosphere, do not puncture the package.

Preparation tips: heat one side of the product on a well-warmed large baking pan/frying pan a couple of minutes on low heat, turn, stuff to taste by extending heating for another two minutes.

You can freeze it in the freezer and consume it within 60 days from the freezing date. No need to thaw it, just put it on the well-warmed pan/frying pan and keep it an extra minute per side.

SOURCE OF FIBER – The low FODMAP content refers to the 120g serving.

This product is part of the MYREA FOOD line.

Low FODMAP Food line: sweet and savory baked goods, pasta with gluten, snacks and vegetable preserves.


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